From our Green Building project Shem Park – handed over during April 2009
Dear Yuga Homes,
I would like to convey my gratitude to Yuga Homes for high rise flooring at Shem Park, Semmancherry, which prevented the flood water, hence no much struggle at Shempark though surrounded by 6 ft water.
Please also note this and keep maintain this feature in your future projects.
Once again big thank to Mr.Viswanathan, Sriram and rest of the Yuga Team.
Thanks and Regards
Subbarao Pathipati

From our project at Koyambedu – handed over during July 2015Dear Sirs,
We Write to you on behalf of the residents of Yuga Kalpataru
Chennai had unprecednet rains from 01.02.15 to 04.12.15 to magniture of appox 175cms. Entire Chennai was submerged in water and almost all the flats were in nect deep water from the ground level.
Our negihbouring complexes,Railnagar community and GT Community were no exception. There was waist deep water in both these complexes.
We in Yuga Kalpataru, were the most lucky ones. We did not have even a drop of water on any of these days and normal life was not at all affected in the Kalpataru community as we never felt the implications of Nature's Futy. This was despite teh fact that the kalpataru complex is built on the banks of Cooum river which was flowing in full fury and overflowing all over. Yuga Kalpataru was safe haven as it was built atleast 2 meters above ground level, thanks to the foresight of Yuga Builders Management
Our special thanks to Yuga Builders Management for deputing their supervisory and technical team to stay at the site day and night to ensure that the residents of the kalpataru get water and power throughout and the community is not put to any hardhship.
We also thank the management and ygua builders team for their humanitarian gesture in helping the neighbouring community during difficult times which was inundated with water.
Residents of Yuga Kalpataru.

From our project ALTA VIDA at Thaiyur, OMR – 1st phase handed over during November 2015 Hi,
This is to mention of the commendable service provided by the staff at Yuga Homes during the adverse climatic condition that Chennai suffered between December 2nd and December 5th 2015.
I must say that the efforts and presence of people like Mr. Surya Kumar, James Clement, Anthony, Madivanan and few other staff members made sure that the residents had enough support in terms of power back up at night , food and suppliers as well as from security perspective.
I am thankful to their efforts.
Here is also a link to the Alta Facebook Page. Please free to share it with all the residents.
Anshuman Dutta
Sensiple | Head of Corporate Marketing
mobile +91 99622 69607 | internal dial 2

From our project at Koyambedu – handed over during November 2015 Hello RV & Sriram
Whole of Chennai was shocked and clueless by rains and devastating recent floods, many of us had a doubt did we made a Big mistake buying a flat on the banks of River Koovam, Our doubt and fear was at peak when we noticed our neighborhood communities also got flooded. All our fear and anxiety give way to Feeling of Safety and Pride as our enclave stood tall and unaffected in the worst floods Chennai faced in the past 100 years.
Thanks to the thoughtful planning by Yuga Builders and the engineering skill to raised our building above the flood levels of 2005 which prevented us from flooding. The drain network inside the enclave and leveling of grounds are so accurate that even not a drop of water stayed in side our compound. Another key point to be noted is the Genset Networking inside the enclave which helped us to have power all the days when EB disconnected the power supply. This also ensured uninterrupted water supply to all flats.
As always we have some points / areas to fine-tune which we noted down during the live disaster scenario will come back to you soon and hope Yuga Builders will show the same level of commitment to get those things also fixed. That will help us to be more ready to manage / deal with much more worse disasters.
A Big Salute and thanks to all involved in the critical engineering & management decision and Perfect Execution which helped us to Mark Unaffected (even face book allows only to mark SAFE) in the Chennai floods.
I take this opportunity to thank all Yuga Staff members / Vendors (like STP operators, security guards , electricians and others ) staff who worked during the tough hours (leaving their Own families behind) kindly pass my Sincere thanks and appreciation to each one of them.
Sakthi Prasad S & Family

From our project at Koyambedu – handed over during November 2015 Dear Sriram
Thanks a lot for all the support. I am more than grateful to the respect and commitment you demonstrated towards us. I am very happy to have taken a right decision to buy this property.
I was trying reach you but could not get the line.
Thanks again.
Best regards,
Seenivasan S.

From our project ALTA VIDA at Thaiyur, OMR – 1st phase handed over during November 2015 Dear Sriram,
We are residing in Alta from the June of 2015. Everyone's life was affected during the recent flooding in one way or the other.
We would like to appreciate and thank the management and the associates who work at Alta for the following reasons;
* ALTA = High! When OMR was flooded and the median was covered in water, both nearby localities Vijay Shanthi and SSN were flooded.
Alta literally means high and it was saved for being on high ground! People immediately shifted from flooded apartments to here overnight.
* No flooding: Since the ground floor was not flooded - we could get clean water for domestic purposes which was not available for flooded apartments.
- our vehicles were saved
* Electricity everyday: One stand out feature which made Alta stand out from apartments like DLF, Opaline, Hiranandani, Anantya or Marg was power supply everyday. Even during complete shut down or no back ups in the above mentioned apartments we had back up power from 6 pm in the evening which was more than any body could get in this locality at such a devastating time.
* Saving grace: Last but not the least, friendly, caring and concerned associates who were always there and acted immediately for any concern.
During Diwali heavy rains they even offered to get groceries for people in ALTA. On some days groceries was also available in the club house.
We personally know of a family who shifted in a hurry and they were taken care by the associates for their immediate needs.
The family was glad to have shifted to Alta.
* Pillars of trust: Now that you have proved to be trustworthy we look forward to a greater ALTA, with the best club house having essential amenities: grocery shop, ATM, swimming pool which is regularly cleaned and a party hall. Though this may take time to be established and fully functional, the first and most needed would be proper pavement for elders to walk and the kids park which will also attract family people to buy apartments.
We are ready to put our testimonials in any website. Keep up the good work and great team spirit!☺
Alta G Block, 5D.

From our project ALTA VIDA at Thaiyur, OMR – 1st phase handed over during November 2015 Good Day team,
I sincerely appreciate the efforts of the designers and engineers who planned the project and who ever involved in making the decision to raise the heights.
I have my retired parents living there and was happy to see them not affected by floods. Keep up the good work and hope your projects reach heights.
Thank you very much for the extended support and will expect the continued support in future too.
Team Manager
NA Lily -Trading Settlements
Mobile : 91 9940195043

From our project ALTA VIDA at Thaiyur, OMR – 1st phase handed over during November 2015 Dear Sir,
This is a letter of appreciation for your proactive measures taken in building this ALTA Campus. As we never felt the inundation of water in our campus, we congratulate your initiative.
P Karthikeyan